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Pakistan Metal Exchange – The Best Platform for Buying and Selling Scrap Metal in Pakistan.


Are you looking for a reliable platform to buy and sell scrap metal in Pakistan? ( About Us ) If so, then the Pakistan Metal Exchange (PME) is the ideal solution. Here you can find the best deals on copper, plastic, batteries, mobile phones, iron, steel, شیٹ, کاپر, الومینیمsheet, dealer, Computer scrap, fridge scrap, ac compressor scrap, loha scrap rate. Pakistan Metal Exchange About Us

PME is the leading platform in Pakistan for buyers and sellers of all types of metal, including scrap metal. With a wide variety of metals available, competitive prices, and a secure platform, PME is the best choice for anyone looking to buy or sell scrap metal in Pakistan. About Us

What is Pakistan Metal Exchange?

Pakistan Metal Exchange (PME) is the country’s biggest online marketplace for scrap metal and related products in Pakistan. Launched in 2020. it provides a platform for traders to buy and sell metals, including ferrous, non-ferrous, and precious metals. About Us

This online platform not only helps reduce the risk of fraud associated with trading in scrap metal but also eliminates delays and paperwork associated with the traditional paper-based system. The PME platform also offers several other services such as tracking, payments, price alert notifications, storage, and insurance. About Us

The PME platform is expected to benefit scrap dealers in Pakistan’s urban areas by providing them with a secure platform to trade. Furthermore, those living in rural areas will also be able to take advantage of the online platform to reach more customers and maximize their profits. About Us

The PME platform will soon be launching additional services for users, such as mobile applications and SMS notifications for price alerts, and support for international transactions. This will allow traders to get access to global markets and create more opportunities for business growth. About Us

By providing a safe and secure environment for trading in scrap metal, the PME platform is expected to have a positive impact on the scrap metal industry in Pakistan. About Us

Why is it important for scrap metal?

Scrap metal is traded in various cities across Pakistan including Karachi, Islamabad, Hyderabad, Khairpur, Lahore, Faisalabad, Bahawalpur, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Multan, Sialkot, Okara, Muzaffargarh, Bhakkar, Mianwali, Layyah, Sadiqabad, Sukkur, Dadu, Jacobabad and all Pakistan. PMX is currently available in all these cities, but they are planning on expanding their services. About Us

PMX allows users to compare prices from different vendors and make better-informed decisions when trading scrap metals. The platform also allows users to easily track transactions and view detailed information about prices and transactions. This helps users understand the market better, allowing them to make more informed decisions about their investments.

The Pakistan Metal Exchange offers a secure and efficient trading platform for scrap metal traders in Pakistan. With its ever-growing presence, PMX has made it easier to access current rates and prices of various metals throughout the country. This makes it an invaluable tool for those looking to trade in scrap metal in Pakistan.

Creators of Pakistan Metal Pakistan

Pakistan Metal Exchange (PME) is Launched in 2020
The CEOs of PME are Syed Bisam Hussain Peerzada and Muhammad Saad Khan, both hailing from Karachi. Their ambition is to make PME the leading destination for scrap metal trading in Pakistan.
In addition, PME offers a convenient, fast, and cost-effective online system for buying and selling metals. Currently, PME supports iron, steel, aluminum, and brass scrap, with plans for further expansion into other metals in the coming months.

For those interested in getting involved in the scrap metal business in Pakistan, PME is an excellent option. With its reliable services, competitive prices, and knowledgeable team, PME is sure to become a leader in the industry.

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