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phoenix battery

phoenix battery In the realm of reliable power solutions, Phoenix Batteries has carved a niche, providing a diverse range of batteries tailored to meet various energy needs in Pakistan. This article not only delves into the extensive lineup of Phoenix batteries but also explores the unique features of select models, empowering consumers to make informed decisions.

Understanding phoenix battery

Phoenix Batteries has established itself as a prominent player in the battery industry, synonymous with quality and innovation. With a product range catering to diverse consumer segments, Phoenix is a trusted name for those seeking durability and reliability in their power solutions.

Phoenix Battery Models and Prices phoenix battery

Let’s embark on a journey through the specifics of Phoenix batteries, shedding light on selected models and their corresponding prices. This comprehensive price list covers a variety of Phoenix batteries, addressing different energy needs

Battery ModelPlatesPrice (PKR)
UGS Series
UGS 5599,200
UGS 901115,250
UGS 1251521,000
UGS 1401723,800
UGS 1752129,000
UGLT 200 Special Edition2332,000
UGS 2052322,800
UGS 205 Limited Edition2334,400
UGS 2202536,700
NS40 Family
XP 50 Plus R/L96,000
XP 60 L117,000
N40 Family
XP 70 R/L1312,670
N50 Family
XP 75 R912,500
XP 85 R/L1114,300
XP 95 R/L1316,350
N70 Family
XP 100 R1115,300
XP 105 R1317,200
XP 110 R/L1519,250
6FT Family
EXT 1251520,000
EXT 1301721,400
N100 Family
XP 1351723,000
XP 1451924,000
N120 Family
XP 1652125,800
XP 170 R2126,600
XP 1852329,200
N150 Family
XP 200 Plus2333,000
XP 2102537,000
XP 2302741,300
N200 Family
XP 2503148,700
XP 2603351,000
4DLT Family
4DLT 1802330,750
4DLT 2052735,450
CNG Series
CNG 5596,000
CNG 65117,200
Rickshaw & Generator Series
Rickshaw 4075,700
GSB 3555,000
Euromax Series
Euromax 55910,000
Euromax 651111,800
Euromax 85915,400
Euromax 1101120,000
Power Cube Tubular Series
TX 1200742,350
TX 1400947,250
TX 1800546,850
TX 2500760,400
TX 3000764,000
TX 3500974,000
phoenix battery

Picking the Right Phoenix Battery

Choosing the ideal Phoenix battery involves a cautious thought of your particular necessities:

1.       Power Limit: Assess the power limit required for your application, considering the number of gadgets fueled and the length of use.

2.       Battery Sort: Choose whether a cylindrical battery or an upkeep-free lead-corrosive battery suits your necessities better, taking into account factors like support inclinations and application prerequisites.

3.       Application Points of interest: Different Phoenix batteries are upgraded for different applications. Guarantee the chosen battery lines up with the requests of your nearby planet group, vehicle, or reinforcement power arranging

All in all, Phoenix Batteries arises as a sturdy decision for those looking for effective and hearty power arrangements. By understanding the highlights of different Phoenix batteries and taking into account explicit application needs, customers can pursue informed choices lining up with both execution and monetary prerequisites.

FAQs (Proceeded)

6.       Can I use Phoenix batteries for my home during blackouts?

•        Unquestionably, Phoenix batteries, particularly models like the XP 200 Or more, are appropriate for giving reinforcement capacity to homes during blackouts.

7.       Do Phoenix batteries require proficient establishment?

•        While Phoenix batteries can be introduced by experts, a few models, similar to support-free batteries, are intended for simple and bother-free establishment.

8.       Are Phoenix batteries harmless to the ecosystem?

•        Phoenix is focused on natural obligation, and large numbers of their batteries are created with eco-accommodating materials, guaranteeing appropriate removal and reusing choices.

9.       Can I use Phoenix batteries for my off-matrix planetary group?

•        Totally, Phoenix gives batteries like the TX 1200 that are explicitly intended for off-network sun-powered applications, offering solid energy stockpiling.

10.     What would it be advisable for me to do assuming that I encounter issues with my Phoenix battery?

•        In the event of issues, it’s prescribed to contact the approved Phoenix seller or administration focus to quickly address any worries.

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